Diversity Scholarship


Fill this form here to avail the diversity scholarship for DevOps Days India ‘19. You can see more details about the event here: https://devopsdaysindia.org/.

About the scholarship

  1. The idea of the scholarship is to increase representation of historically under-represented communities(women and LGBTQ+) in the tech industry.
  2. Five scholarship slots are available, provided on the first-come, first-serve basis
  3. This scholarship only covers the conference tickets for 13th and 14th Sept. Additional expenses, if any, should be borne by the attendee.
  4. Provide as many details about yourself, so that we organisers are clear about why you need the scholarship to attend the conference.
  5. If you’re employed, please ask your firm to sponsor your tickets first.
  6. The scholarship is sponsored by Gitlab.

Note: We will not be sharing your personal information provided in form with anyone(including the sponsor) and will not be using this data for any other purposes.