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September 13


Event Kickoff

You only have to change one thing to do the DevOps, everything
  • Ken Mugrage ThoughtWorks

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Tea break
Where is my cache? Architectural patterns for caching microservices by example
  • Rafal Leszko Hazelcast

Building Distributed Systems in Distributed Teams
  • Aravind Putrevu Elastic

Grafana Loki: 1 year later
  • Sandeep Sukhani Grafana

Open Spaces
Use cases of envoy in Gopay
  • Kevin Bheda Gojek

  • Preethi Sadagopan Gojek

Tea break
Implementing Planet Scale Prometheus
  • Goutham Veeramachaneni GrafanaLabs

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September 14

How to Package and Publish your Kubernetes Application as an Operator on OperatorHub
  • Nikhil Thomas Red Hat

Two Years of Fun & Productivity on Docker and AWS's Cloudformation At Clevertap, scaling for 4 Million to 25 million Spikes
  • Kishlaya Kumar CleverTap

Tea break
Software/Site Reliability of Distributed Systems
  • Piyush Verma Trusting Social

Noise Cancellation: Calming the alerts storm!
  • Mukta MPL

Demystifying running distributed database on Kubernetes
  • Karthic Rao Dgraph Labs

Open Spaces
Tea break
Shrinking Production Incidents
  • Aditya Sen Google Cloud

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